Inn at Ellis River’s Maple Banana Bacon Muffins

mug & banana bacon maple muffin

Every March the Inn at Ellis River celebrates Maple Sugaring season with special maple recipes for our gourmet country breakfasts and afternoon refreshments. In 2014, we participated in the Inn-to-Inn March Maple Madness, and featured these muffins ~ what could be better than starting a chilly spring morning with maple and bacon?

Turtle Chocolate Pecan Crepes for Lovers

Turtle Crepes for Valentine's Day

These indulgent crepes are a delicious way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. You can prepare the components ahead, so assembling the crepes on a plate for two takes only a few minutes. Let the romance begin!

Spirited Chocolate Raisin Treats


The Inn at Ellis River participated in an Inn to Inn Ghosts and Goblins Trail for the first time in October, 2013. Here is one of the treats the touring ghosts and goblins enjoyed. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to enjoy these cookies ~ just change the color of the decorative frosting and they’re good any time of the year!

Christine’s White Chocolate Coconut Mojito Cookies

White Chocolate Coconut Mojito Cookies

Our Innkeeper Christine loves to bake cookies for our guests, and these are her creation for the 2013 Inn to Inn Herb Tour, when we featured mint. Who can resist mint, chocolate, coconut and rum flavoring combined in one delicious cookie?

Inn at Ellis River’s Holiday Joys

Holiday Joy Cookies at Inn at Ellis River

These cookies were a favorite at our 2012 Inn-to-Inn Cookie Tour. They’re bursting with dark chocolate and almond flavors, just like a certain candy bar, so enjoy any time of the year, not just the holiday season!

Inn at Ellis River’s Cookies for Breakfast

Cookies for Breakfast at Inn at Ellis River

Did your mother say ‘NO’ when you begged for cookies for breakfast? These cookies have oats, applesauce, dried cranberries, dried apples, walnuts and maple ~ all delicious breakfast flavors, so we say “YES’ to cookies for breakfast!

Turkey Terrine ~ A Great Holiday Appetizer

turkey terrine on butter crackers with parsley garnish

This appetizer is a great way to use any leftover turkey and enjoy a classic holiday flavor combination. Try spreading the terrine on bite size cornmeal biscuits, or easiest of all, use crackers like Garlic Butter Ritz.

Inn at Ellis River’s Basil Pignoli Bites

basil pignoli bites with glass of wine and wine bottle

These savory basil-flavored morsels created for the 2012 Inn to Inn Herb Tour are delicious in the afternoon or as an hors d’oeuvre ~ try them with a chilled glass of lemon tea or dry white wine.

Inn at Ellis River’s Savory Crepes Caprese

egg filled crepe with basil and cherry tomato garnish

Featured for the 2012 Inn to Inn Herb Tour, the sun-dried tomato crepes can be prepared several days before serving, then filled with freshly scrambled eggs with varigated cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil.

Inn at Ellis River’s White Mountain Mudslides

White Mountain Mudslide Cookies

The Inn at Ellis River’s White Mountain Mudslide Cookies feature Irish Cream Liquer and Irish Whiskey, cappuccino chips and bittersweet chocolate ~ they were a favorite on the 2011 Cookie Tour.

Inn at Ellis River’s Riverstones Cookies

Riverstones cookies

Featured as part of the 2007 Inn to Inn Cookie Tour, the colorful white, brown and red nuggets in these cookies remind us of the rocky bed of the Ellis River beside the inn.

Inn at Ellis River’s Baked Eggs with Oregano

baked eggs

Created for the 2010 Inn to Inn Herb Tour, this savory breakfast dish is a summertime hit at the inn with fresh peppers and oregano from our garden. It’s great for a brunch crowd, too!

Inn at Ellis River’s Ionian Bruschetta with Oregano

Ionian Bruschetta

Featured in the June, 2010 issue of NH to Do Magazine’s article on the Inn to Inn Herb Tour, this recipe is a wonderful summer appetizer that blends the flavors of Greece and Italy ~ that’s why we call it Ionian Bruschetta!

Inn at Ellis River’s Granola

maple granola in dish

One of the most requested recipes at the inn, our granola is easy to make and allows you to personalize it with your favorite fruits and nuts.

Inn at Ellis River’s Paradise Falls Cookies

Paradise Falls Cookies

Featured at the 2010 Inn to Inn Cookie Tour, these cookies are named for one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the White Mountains ~ one bite and you’ll think you are in Paradise, or at least back at the inn!

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